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ORCID number: 0000-0003-4837-694X
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Research Interests

Variational analysis, optimization

Editorial Boards (current)

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (Elsevier) (since 2008)
Journal of Global Optimization (Springer) (since 2008)
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (Springer) (since 2014)
Journal of Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization (since 2019)

Editorial Boards (past)

Mathematical Programming (Series A) (Springer) (2005-2022)
Mathematics of Operational Research (2016-2023)
Optimization (Taylor & Francis) (2013-2022)
Operations Research Forum (ORFO) (2018-2022)

Guest Editor

TOP (special issue for the conference NUMOPEN2010)
Birkhauser "Modern Optimization Modelling Techniques" (Series: Advanced Courses in Mathematics)
(Lecture Notes of the Summer School OPT2009)
Set-Valued and Variational Analysis (special issue in honor of L. Thibault))


Math. Reviews (American Mathematical Society)
Zentralblatt MATH
CMS Book Reviews
(Canadian Mathematical Society)

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (October 2023)
Curriculum Vitae (Abridged) (February 2024)


Accreditation of "Catedrático de Universidad" ("Full Professor") (ANECA, Spain 2011)
Accreditation in Advanced Research ("Full Professor") (AQU, Cataluña, Spain 2010)
Accretidation of "Profesor Titular" (ANECA, Spain 2009)
Accreditation of the Program I-3 (Distinguished Researcher Trajectory) (ANEP, Spain 2007)
Accreditation of Research (AQU, Cataluña, Spain 2005)
Accreditation of Professorship Level (Qualification PR-25, PR-26) (CNU, France)


2002 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in Applied Mathematics
(UPPA, Académie de Bordeaux, France)
Title of Habilitation Thesis:
Convex and Quasiconvex analysis. Applications in Optimization
[Abstract] [Resumé] [Download total document (6,8 MB)]
1997 PhD (in Mathematics) (University of Aegean, Greece)
Title of Doctorate Thesis:
Applications of generalized convexity and monotonicity in variational inequalities and vector optimization
1992 Bachelor (in Physics) (University of Athens, Greece)
Remarks: Entrance Rank (after national competition): 2; Graduation Rank: 1